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South America

Rabida Red Sand Beach

Rabida Island also know as Jervis Island is one of the most volcanically varied islands of this archipelago. Geologically consisting of eroded hills and lava emitted from spatter cones that

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Kourou Green Sand

The green sand on this beach is composed primarily of olivine crystals which erode out of lava flows. The crystals are heavier than most sand types on the beach and

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Mount Roraima

Mount Roraima, also known as Tepuy Roraima and Cerro Roraima is the highest of the Pakaraima chain of tepui plateaus in South America. First described by the English explorer Sir

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Lago General Carrera

General Carrera Lake (Chilean side) or Lake Buenos Aires (Argentine side) is a lake located in Patagonia and shared by Argentina and Chile. Both names are internationally accepted. The lake

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Churún Merú

Churún Merú is a powerful sheer plunge style waterfall found in a narrow alcove at the southern end of the massive canyon which bisects Auyan Tepui from north to south.

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Huacachina Village

Huacachina is a village in southwestern Peru, built around a small oasis surrounded by sand dunes. It is in the Ica Province, about five kilometers from the city of Ica

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