5 Best Places To Visit In London near Marble Arch

Marble Arch is one of London’s famous landmarks. This beautiful towering monument was designed by John Nash, a renowned architect in the 19th century and is said to luring in millions of visitors and tourists ever since. Well, if you got plans to visit the Marble Arch, then there are few other places you must not miss. The area surrounding this fascinating monument is rich with spectacular places to visit.

Here is a list of few places you can have on your list when visiting the Marble Arch.

  1. Hyde Park

Making a perfect spot for a picnic, this oasis in the heart of the city is situated adjacent to the Marble Arch and will take you 2 minutes walk to reach here. It’s evident to for you find the ducks, boats, and greens to laze around on but there is more to it.

The Hyde Park features a beautiful fountain that was built in the memory of the late Princess Diana. It is also home to the famous Speakers’ Corner, a platform where the people interact on a variety of subjects and is found in the north-eastern section of the park. So, if in a mood to relax on the grass, or feed the ducks or become a part of heated debate, then Hyde Park welcomes you.

  1. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace makes the must-visit place just around the Marble Arch’s corner. This Queen’s London Palace is a magnificent building brimming with history. The tourists and visitors are allowed to visit the Royal Palace between July to October. So, if you are in London during these months, then you can get access to the Staterooms and inner beauty of the royal palace.

  1. Wallace Collection

An 8-minute walk from Marble Arch will have you at the Wallace collection. The Wallace Collection and view is a charming museum boasting an outstanding selection of the French 18th-century paintings, porcelain, and furniture, which is well worth seeing.

It is one of the finest collections of art amassed by Sir Richard Wallace. After the exhibition session, you can head to the Savile Row, the street known for its luxury shopping experience.

  1. Oxford Street

Oxford Street offers the best choice in High Street fashion with 300 shops and 5 million square feet of retail space, attracting millions of crowd. This street claims to be London’s busiest street. Amidst chaos and bustle, you will find the best shops with inexpensive fashion yet stylish.

So basically, the shoppers get the opportunity to pick up some serious bargains and find your size fighting with the challenging crowd. The street is fluxed with British and International designers, also with great restaurants and cafes to chill out. The street is one and a half miles end to end, and it takes around 9 minutes to reach from Marble Arch by walk. So, shopaholics here are a treat!

  1. Portman Square

This extremely beautiful private garden square in Marylebone offers a tranquil place to admire and get lost in. With the magnificent London plane trees surrounding the central garden has a lawn, benches, winding paths, a play area for kids and a tennis court which can be used only by the Hyatt residents.

Although the access to this beautiful place is reserved for the people who work or live on the Portman estate. But you can still have a visit to this Grade I listed building.  Another convincing reason to visit this place, if visiting the Marble arch is that it takes just 3 minutes to walk from Marble Arch to reach Portman Square.

Bottom Line

The above list of the best places near the Marble Arch comprises of some of the rich places one cannot miss when in London, especially when around Marble Arch. All of the places mentioned are distanced at less than 10 minutes walk from Marble Arch. So, if you got plenty of time to stroll around the Marble arch, then do visit them. You can have a stay at the nearby boutique hotels London around Marble Arch if you can’t make it on the same day and reschedule it for the other day.

Source: ExpressDigest.com


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