8 Budget Travel Myths You Might Not Know

If you have been a frequent traveler since years, you must have come across the term ‘budget travel’ as most of us look forward to traveling within minimum budget, especially students and group travelers. But, how many of the facts about budget travel did you believe?

True, there are several tricks to travel for less but there are numerous budget travel myths that you have no idea about. Read on to know the most believed myths about budget travel.

Rental cars are cheaper at places

This is one common travel myth that says rental cars are cheaper in countries like UK and Europe. Travelers share this news with good intentions, mostly those who are used to driving across the States. But, the fact is once you consider the gas prices outside the USA added upon with the ride sharing popularity and rail passes in the other countries, hiring a car rental should be your last option. You may find it strange but rail passes and public transit is cheaper than car rentals. Car rentals can be sometimes cheap, but that depends on the destination.

Stay in the outskirts of the city

It can be a good option to stay in the outer areas of an expensive city but only when you have cheap and easy public transit to reach the town. However, this shouldn’t be a strict budget travel rule. Staying outside the city will waste a lot of time in traveling to and from the city back to your hotel or resort. So, why waste your vacation in unnecessary travel when you can stay right in the city and explore the attractions in lesser time. Budget travel suggests lowering the costs, instead of staying out of the city, why not look for hotel deals and offers?

Exchange currencies ahead of time

We have no idea how this came into the surface and why this myth still persists. There is no link of budget traveling and exchanging foreign currencies ahead of time. Doing this will barely save you some time, so go for the most convenient way of buying foreign currency – withdraw cash from an ATM upon your arrival. You can also use a credit card that is free from any foreign transaction fees.

You will be charged a minimum amount of fee for withdrawing cash from the ATM – make sure you don’t often use the ATM in the foreign land.

Booking flight tickets early

Booking hotels might be a better idea to save money than booking flight tickets in advance. Most airlines start listing the flight rates months in advance at a high price (premium rates) which eventually reduces around 6-7 weeks prior to your journey. Mark these words and try booking just 6 weeks earlier and not before a couple of months earlier.

Making last minute bookings

Booking last-minute flights will not save you a lot of money, but booking a hotel might, depending on the destination. Larger cities always have available rooms to let out, you can always find a chance to ask for last-minute offers. However, in a remote area or rural destination, waiting for long can leave you with no place to stay. Search for the easy hotel booking apps and sites for last-minute bookings.

Deleting search history doesn’t make sense

It does! Clearing your search history or cookies is a smart habit while browsing for hotels, air tickets and other research. Some travelers take it as a myth but there is reality in the claimed fact. A research conducted by the Northeastern University revealed that there are hotel sites that show lower price results to users having no hotel search history in their browser. Even if it’s little that you save, why not just clear the cookies or search history? Each penny matters.

Stick only to budget airlines

We have got another travel myth debunked for you that sticking to budget airlines is not always helpful is booking flights at lower costs. It is true that there are budget carriers but these days some mid-range airlines are into competition with such airlines and some of the competing airlines have better offers for the users. What you need to keep in mind is better offers and deals rather than sticking to budget airlines.

Skip insurance

Whether it is avoiding medical coverage in the foreign country or car rental insurance, a person passing you this advice has never been an avid traveler. The fact is as much often as you pass insurance, you would be more likely to need one. You should never skip health and car rental insurance, mainly if your travel plans are for abroad. You might not believe, but insurance can also save you thousands or hundreds of dollars at times.

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