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How to get to Pompeii by train and visa advice for Cuba and America: The Holiday Guru solves traveller queries

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This week how to get to Pompeii without flying and potential visa problems when travelling to Cuba and the United States are on the agenda… 

Q. My partner won’t fly but we would like to visit Pompeii and Herculaneum. Is there an alternative way to travel?

Brenda Wise, Kent

You can get to Pompeii by train but it could take over 17 hours, advises the Holiday Guru 

A. You could go by train but it takes 17 hours and 23 minutes if booked via Catch the 5.40am train from St Pancras to Paris, change for a service to Turin and then for another to Naples and arrive at 11.28pm. The one-way fare is £206. It may be preferable to break the journey with an overnight stay in Turin, which you reach at 4.20pm on the 5.40am train. If you take the more humane 10.24am from St Pancras you arrive in Turin at 8.18pm (£147); see Turin to Naples takes six hours and there are regular departures (£46). 

Q. I am an 83-year-old man who travels to Thailand three times a year from Manchester Airport. My problem is getting from the train station to the terminals with my suitcase as I have arthritis in both knees. Is there a way I can get some help?

Ronald Spackman, via email

A Yes. Call your airline, explain your predicament and tell them what time your train arrives. The airline will arrange for an ‘assistance provider’ to meet you at the station’s ‘assistance point’ and take you to your terminal, free of charge. Station staff will help you from the train to the ‘assistance point’. Allow at least 48 hours advance warning before your flight.

Travelling to Cuba does not disqualify you from visiting America, says the Holiday Guru

Travelling to Cuba does not disqualify you from visiting America, says the Holiday Guru

Q. We have booked a holiday to Cuba in February. Then, four months later, we will be visiting the United States. Will there be any problems with our passports or ESTAs?

Scilla Ashdown, via email

A. No. Travelling to Cuba does not disqualify you from visiting America, despite the nations’ political differences. You can apply for an ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation) as usual at See the ‘entry requirements’ section of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s website, which lists countries that could cause problems: 


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