The Jervis Bay

The place is a popular holiday destination, since there are numerous pristine white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. Among various water activities, tourists can explore versatile nature here, enjoy delicious dishes and go wine tasting in Cambewarra Estate.

Due to the chemical reactions plankton becomes luminescent. Therefore, the marine creatures emanate this dazzling blue glow. The sites like the Hyams Beach are indeed very romantic at night.

It is said that it is hard to spot these glowing delight because they are erratic and just the right conditions must be fulfilled for us to enjoy this! Based on my research, these are the conditions:

  • It must be night/dark
  • There would be red algae bloom in the water during the day (aka red tide)
  • Naturally for red algae to bloom, the water must be rich in nutrient and warm
  • Warm temperatures = warm waters (i.e. likely spring-summer months)
  • Especially during the surge/transition between winter & spring (Sept) and spring & summer (Jan) when the waters suddenly become significantly warmer
  • High acidity in the water
  • Onshore wind & the right tides
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