What to pack with your luggage to make your vacation rental feel like your home?

Vacations will come every year, and you may pack your things up to go to your favorite destination to spend the period. Although you can find several holiday rentals out there in the destination, you could not be sure that the place would replicate your home’s surroundings. However, you can convert the rental into your home by packing some things along with clothes. By taking a few lightweight items with you, you can feel like being at home inside your rentals. Let us discuss some of these things.


Knives are the most essential things in a home or wherever you stay. You may need it at unexpected times. Although you can find a kitchen knife in your vacation rentals, you could not expect it to be of high-quality. Those knives would be of second quality, and you would not be the first person to use them. You may find it difficult to cut something using those knives if they are old enough. Also, holiday rentals will not offer you a variety of knives to cut butter cakes and potatoes. You would have to use the same knife for both. Some of us would not love to do so and will need a specific knife for each item. So, it is always a better idea to pack a set of knives for your vacation. Since they are of the non-weight category, they will be easier to carry. You can feel like you are at home with these knives.

Tongs and other utensils

Tongs find a major role inside the kitchen for every simple dish. You can find one or two tongs in a holiday rental. However, you could not be sure about their quality and smell. Some of these tongs may contain remains from previous usages along with the odor. If you wish to get rid of these, you can take one or two tongs with you during your vacation. You can also take other lightweight utensils like spoons if necessary.

Your pillows

Although every holiday rental will have a set of pillows for sure, you could not feel comfortable with some of them. Let us assume that you go to bed fully tired, and you find that the pillows are rock hard like a pile of wood. You will end up without sleep for the whole night, or you may face some issues on your neck the following day. Most of us love to sleep comfortably only with our pillows. So, if you wish not to risk your quality sleep in the vacation rentals, you should consider taking pillows with you. You can consider packing mini pillows if you look to reduce the carriage load.

Spice kits

During your vacation, you cannot eat anything without adding spices. Although there would be various spices stacked in the cupboards of the rental kitchens, you cannot know the date of storage. They might have been there for days without anyone opening them at least once. So, it is better to consider taking a spice kit with you to enjoy your vacation food better without any doubts about expired bottles. These kits also will not add weight to your luggage.

Streaming devices

Your holiday rentals may have an LCD television with all the satellite channels. However, these TV shows might be boring when you are on a vacation. So, it is better to take a video-streaming device or a computer with OTT platforms installed. If possible, you can have the favorite movies and series streamed with a projector inside your rentals.


The next thing to consider is the elements of use in the drinking time. You may be a coffee-lover. You cannot be sure that the rentals will provide you with coffee throughout your vacation period. So, it is advisable to take coffee beans and makers if possible, to your vacation rental. If you want, you can also take cooldrink powders to your vacation spot. If you are in the plan of outings from the spot, you may consider getting drinks outside.


You can be sure that you will not find a clothesline wherever you go on vacation. At times, you can find a dryer. However, you will not need a dryer to hang your wet towels and other clothes. So, you can consider taking a clothesline with you to put on wet clothes if necessary.


Apart from wet clothes, you may require a hook sometimes to hang your coat or other items when you go to the bath. For this, you would not find any hooks at the necessary places in your vacation rentals. So, you should get some temporary hooks that you can use to hang your clothes. Once completed, you can take it back with you.

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