One day in Krakow – Things to do in Krakow in 24 hours

Walking tour around the Krakow Old Town

It is better to start the route from the Florian Gate, behind which begins the medieval intricacies of narrow streets with many souvenir shops and restaurants. Just a hundred meters away you can see the ensemble of the Market Square – Rynek.

The best museums in Krakow are concentrated in the Old Town area.

It is impossible to pass by the main pride of the Poles – St. Mary’s Church. This is a gothic building with incredibly rich interior decoration and stunning stained glass windows.

If you succeed, you must by all means stay for one of the services in order to feel the atmosphere and listen to the organ.

In the center of the square – Cloth Rows. Like many centuries ago, they actively trade here. This is a colorful place to buy souvenirs, although not the cheapest.

Here is also the entrance to the new Krakow Museum – Market Underground. Ancient buildings, which were discovered by chance during excavations in 2009, are conserved here in their original form. The find was so impressive that it was turned into an underground museum.

The building next to it houses the Historical Museum of Krakow. Its exposition also deserves attention, especially if time permits.

Further behind the square is the famous Jagiellonian University. It is the oldest and one of the most significant educational institutions in Poland. The main building deserves special praise – it is a beautiful Gothic building with a colonnade, and the university museum is also located here.

After wandering through the streets of the old town, you should go further down to the Vistula River.

Here, on a hill, right above the river, is the Wawel Royal Castle and the Cathedral of Saints Stanislaus and Wenceslas.

The complex is open to the public. Here you can see the chambers of the kings, the armory, and the treasury. In the cathedral, there is a tomb of Polish kings and prominent statesmen of Poland.

After Wawel, you can relax on the Vistula embankment and go further. A little to the east, there is another symbolic place for Krakow – Kazimierz.

Before World War II, Jews lived compactly here. There are many synagogues and a Jewish cemetery in this area.

There is a special atmosphere and architecture. And although quite tragic events are connected with this area, because during the war the Jewish population was seriously affected, now this area has received a new life.

There are many bars and restaurants with a special flavor, and young people actively hang out in the evening.

What to eat in Krakow?

Krakow is a great place to eat or even go on a gastro tour. Especially if you have a trip to more expensive European cities ahead.

Polish cuisine is hearty and tasty, and portions in local national restaurants are simply huge. If you order a chop, then be sure that it will take up the entire plate, and be sure to put potatoes, sauerkraut, or other snacks on it.

In addition, Krakow has excellent beer, and you can try all kinds of liqueurs in local bars.

Although it is quite possible to get to know the entire city of Krakow in just one day, but, of course, Krakow deserves to plunge into its atmosphere and spend at least a weekend here.

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