3 Major Tips You Must Know Before Going To Egypt

Egypt is one of the first destinations that comes to mind, when you think of ancient civilizations and visiting the Middle East. This is also the first Arab destination we recommend to novice travelers. There are so many places you can visit, and this country definitely deserves to be on your priority list. Both its antique allure and modern resorts attract millions of tourists from all over the world on a yearly basis. In this article, we are going to give you our best heads-up before you go on your thrilling adventure.

Know What To Expect Of The Giza Necropolis

It’s one of the Seven Wonders Of The World, and perhaps the most iconic symbol of Egypt. Still, travelers often anticipate the wrong thing when they approach it. In most of the pictures, all you see is a beautiful desert and the Pyramids themselves. You might be confused when you actually arrive because it’s so close to the city it doesn’t match what you thought. There are amazing views on all sides of the pyramids, but many don’t know that some of them actually feature the city of Cairo.

The Complex was built around five thousand years ago. It’s a thrilling experience, albeit with a few caveats. It’s better to know ahead that the buildings are way more impressive on the outside than when you enter them. Not many know this, but many temples and archaic sites were looted by robbers over the centuries that passed. As a result, not much is left inside the pyramids themselves. The Sphinx, on the other hand, looks rather untouched and is perhaps the most exciting thing to view.

When you enter Khufu’s burial, rather than going through scary labyrinths and esoteric pathways, you actually just descend on a steep wooden ladder into the tomb. It’s terrifying, but only because you might be afraid for your life in case you fall. It’s quite suffocating down there, with almost no light and barely anything noteworthy left inside the room. If you prepare yourself for this, you won’t be disappointed much.

This Is Not The Country To Be Spontaneous

Listen we get it, that boat cruise you forgot to book when you were managing the holidays three months ago is really attractive… Except the pricing goes through the roof when you don’t have much of a choice but only a few days left around the rivers, and your options fade quite rapidly. Egypt is a place where you must plan all of your journey ahead for it to be enjoyable. You don’t want to be ripped off and neither miss nor be late for one of the attractions. All the sites require plenty of time and zero haste.

Local website cleopatradeals.com recently posted a great listing of all the places you have to visit during your first time. It includes:

  • Not surprisingly, The Giza Pyramids. If it’s your introductory journey to this wonderful country, it is non-negotiable. Otherwise, people just won’t believe you went to Egypt.
  • The Valley Of The Kings. This is the second place you must see with your eyes. Mighty pharaohs were buried here more than three thousand years ago, and it’s one of the most mysterious and fascinating locations in the whole world to this day.
  • Luxor Temple, the ancient sanctuary of the Egyptian Sun God. It is one of the largest complexes across all of the African continent and is a place well worth spending a couple of days in. It was partially destroyed during the many years it’s been standing, but it’s preserved quite well, we must say. This is the place where you meet the religious aspect of the bygone culture and religion of its past.

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Nothing Is Free Here

That bottled water that is at the table in any restaurant in Paris? It’s three dollars, even if there’s no sign anywhere. The camel that walks around the Pyramids takes a heavy charge as well, but more surprising is that you should expect to pay more so for a single iPhone picture. Museums pictures, those “gift” tea, and hookah you are offered at the bazaar will cost you a few Egyptian Pounds as well.

The taxi driver and your tour guide will anticipate a tip on a regular basis.

Make sure to pack plenty of small coins and notes for these kinds of transactions. If you are looking for more practical tips for your perfect trip, check out this article by a popular California-based adventure blogger.

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