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With more than 3 thousand km of coastline and numerous island and island destinations, the beauty and tranquility of Vietnamese beaches are one of Asia’s best “hidden secrets”, worthy of being in places with the best beach in Southeast Asia.

Let’s take a look at Vietnam’s top 12 best beaches, according to Edwina – a German blogger.

Although Vietnam’s beaches are not as well known as Thailand’s beaches, it makes them much more attractive and interesting. Because the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam are still quite wild and pure.

From Ha Long Bay – a UNESCO World Heritage site to the sand dunes in Mui Ne or to the sea with Con Dao and Phu Quoc, here are the best destinations to enjoy the waves, the sun, and the sand of the sea Vietnam.

Nha Trang beach

The city of South Central Vietnam has long been proud to own some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, although tourism and development have affected the landscape in recent years. However, there are still many pristine beaches and islands that are worth visiting.

And at the city’s main beach, called Nha Trang Beach or City Beach, you’ll find the iconic view of the bay, with a large number of people during rush hour.

As one of the big cities in Vietnam, Nha Trang beach has long white sand beaches, blue seawater in emerald color. Along with the splendid beauty of the night, Nha Trang has become one of the top destinations for Vietnamese and international tourists.

Therefore, Nha Trang beach often becomes more crowded during the tourist season. You should go to Nha Trang during the New Year and every hotel in the city has been booked, the beach is very bustling.

Around the southern tourist area of ​​the city, the beach becomes quite “commercial” with sunbathing beds of all kinds, taking up a lot of space, from “VIP” to “economy”.

For more desolate options, try exploring the beaches of nearby island clusters, such as Hon Lon and Hon Tre, home to the famous and luxurious resort Vinpearl.

Tuy Hoa beach

Tuy Hoa Beach is located near Highway 1A, the central location of Tuy Hoa City, Phu Yen is Tuy Hoa Beach. Tuy Hoa Beach stretches over 10km Located in the heart of Tuy Hoa city, attracting a lot of tourists, but interestingly, this beach retains its pristine nature, clear, cool seawater.

Along Tuy, Hoa beach is the lush green poplar forest, which adorns the pristine beauty of the beach. Tuy Hoa Beach also has many interesting and exciting outdoor activities that attract many people and visitors everywhere.

It is very spacious, impressive, and especially deserted. The people are very friendly. In the evening, near the city center and near the train station, you can find many street food stalls like bread, pancakes, etc.

The street vendors enthusiastically teach you about food Vietnam and rice paper wrapping techniques. The interesting thing is, they don’t understand English, and you don’t understand Vietnamese, but that’s okay, sure you will have really fun and memorable moments.

An Bang Beach, Hoi An

The most beautiful beach of Hoi An is none other than An Bang. CNN has ranked this beach in the list of the top 100 most visited beaches in the world, so do not miss the opportunity to come here to admire this beauty.

An Bang has restaurants and bars on the beach next to the charming scenery. Here, the most popular recreational activities are swimming and boating. Due to the lack of sea breezes, you cannot surf and parasail here. Or you can rent a canoe or water motorbike to travel on the sea, conquer the waves of An Bang, surely this will be a memorable experience.

Coming to the restaurant is the best bombardment to enjoy a variety of fresh fish and Vietnamese BBQ to the authentic Italian and French. La Plage, Soul Kitchen, and White Soul are open until late at night, they always host parties, fun gold ledges, cocktails, cold beers, and cozy music to dance and immerse in the atmosphere romantic.

Danang Beach

Danang beaches are always vibrant and attractive in the summer, the Danang sea tourism brand is growing strongly and is admired by many tourists, and every year, every summer, tourists flock to Da Nang.

Danang is very active to be enjoyed with the beaches of Danang. Da Nang beach stretches nearly 60km with many public beaches and private beaches (often located in Danang resorts) in perfect continuity, Da Nang beaches are extended from the foot of Hai Van pass to Ngu Hanh Son and continue to stretch to Cua Dai – Hoi An

The tourist beaches in Danang are highly appreciated by tourists everywhere for their safety, civilization, and cleanliness. A popular tourist spot, resting, relaxing and swimming, on festive days(Christmas or New Year), Saturdays, Sundays or hot days, sometimes people and tourists go to the beach too crowded (although the beaches have been upgraded and are operating at almost their full capacity – in the future, Danang beaches will also be further upgraded and refurbished.)

Bai Sao, Phu Quoc

If you’re looking for the perfect beach, with fine white sand, turquoise waters, palm trees swaying in the wind, a forest as a backdrop, and a few bars to enjoy a cocktail in When looking at the ocean, Sao Beach is a great choice for you.

Bai Sao is about 25 km from the center of Duong Dong, Phu Quoc and Kien Giang towns. This is one of the most beautiful beaches of Phu Quoc Island with flat, white sand with a crescent-shaped border. Coming to Sao beach, you will feel ecstatic with the pristine beauty of the sea with white sand beaches, clear blue water all year round, a great place to relax in the summer days.

Mui Ne Beach

Relax under the coconut ball in the waves, or try surfing, kite surfing at the most popular surfing destination in Vietnam. Guests can try water sports, sunbathe or relax with cool drinks at one of the countless resorts on Mui Ne beach.

Dubbed the resort capital of Vietnam, Mui Ne retains the peaceful atmosphere of the small fishing village. Just walking along the beach for a few minutes, visitors can find the small sea corners, deserted and still untouched.

Ong Lang Beach, Phu Quoc

If you do not like the noise in Bai Sao, Bai Dai .. when there are many tourists come here, you should go to Ong Lang beach where it is quiet, wild and beautiful like famous beaches in Phu Quoc. Ong Lang beach is not stretched continuously but is interrupted by rocks, the beach between Ganh Dau beach and Duong Dong town. Traveling Lang Ong Beach, you can watch the sea, watch fishing boats on the sea and beautiful sunsets.

Ong Lang beach seems to be outside the flow of life, wild and surprisingly peaceful. This is considered an ideal destination in Phu Quoc tours. Leaving behind the chaos of life, the fatigue of the old year came to Ong Lang beach to be bathed in the blue sea, white sand and sunshine, to enjoy the clear breeze from the immense sea, Enjoy the quiet, wild spring atmosphere that fascinates so many people.

Cam Ranh Bay

Cam Ranh Bay with its pristine beauty, typical of the Central Coast, is an ideal place to organize various types of international sea tourism such as: sailing, fishing, snorkeling to see corals, convalescence and treatment. , climbing …, not inferior to anywhere in the world. This is the ideal place to build a world-class marine resort.

The bay is almost closed by Cam Ranh peninsula from the north, covering the east and west. The south of the bay is landlocked, opening only a large door – like an arm hugging the bay, forming a belt so the water surface is always peaceful. The cruise on the bay is like “walking on the carpet” because there are no big waves … The weather in the bay area is sunny all year round, the clear blue sky makes the bay surface a very pleasant blue.

Ninh Chu Beach, Phan Rang

Ninh Chu attracts many tourists to visit and resort every year with the wild and poetic beauty. Ninh Chu Beach is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Central region by the cool blue water, endless white sand, .. Ninh Chu Beach and Phan Rang City are great choices for those Kite surfing fanatics. In particular, the unique and attractive cuisine of Ninh Chu has received many favorites from both domestic and foreign visitors.

Even if you just want to lie on the beach and do nothing, Ninh Chu is still an extremely ideal choice. In the south, the beach near the Saigon Ninh Chu hotel is very beautiful and you can lie on the beach all day. In the evening, Ninh Chu has many attractive food stalls.

Bãi Nhát, Côn Đảo

Bai Nhát has located about 6km from the center, a pristine blue beach, and fine white sand. Stacked pebbles look very nice. Watching the sunset at Nhát beach is an interesting experience for visitors.

The unique feature of the beach is that visitors only see a few hours a day, every time the tide recedes, visitors will see the long white fine sand. At noon the sun shines down making the sand more sparkling. Unfortunately, visitors come here without witnessing such a majestic beauty.

Standing from the side of Nhát beach, looking at the distance, the peak of Love is on Ba island. In the wedding season, Nhát beach is an ideal photo spot for couples. The name Love Peak is because the top of the mountain is like a couple of men and women putting their arms on their shoulders, which looks very romantic. Couples believe that the wedding photos taken here will make love lasting and happy.

Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is a small bay in the western part of the Tonkin Gulf in the northeastern sea area of ​​Vietnam. Ha Long Bay includes the island waters of Ha Long City, Cam Pha City, and part of Van Don Island District of Quang Ninh Province.

Ha Long is the destination to explore the most visited natural lands in Vietnam. With an area of ​​about 1,553 km² including 1,969 islands, Ha Long Bay is as beautiful as the clear blue pearl of Vietnam. Ha Long Bay is known all over the world as a unique natural wonder with rocky islands, caves, and beautiful beaches like the dragon landing area.

In 1999, UNESCO once again recognized Ha Long Bay as a World Natural Heritage site for geological values. There are many ways to explore the beauty of the bay, but the best and the most beautiful is a yacht floating on the bay, watching a rocky sea, watching the Hon Mai and Stone Dogs, wandering in caves, waving the area. the beaches and soak in the light of the silver state of the moon, stars, enjoy seafood.

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