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Winter may not be the best time to travel, but it is the best time to calmly plan your summer adventures. In order for your vacation to go five points, it is now worth starting to prepare for your summer vacation, thinking about future plans, and exploring new directions. And the most important thing is to come up with an amazing idea around which the route will be built.

In this article, we will share some examples of such ideas.

Visit all continents. Antarctica may be the hardest to reach on this list, but it’s worth it.

Cross the country by bike. Cycling tourism has its own indisputable advantages, combining the speed of movement and proximity to nature.

Ride elephants. If horses, donkeys, buffaloes, and other artiodactyls have already been mastered by you, then it’s time to go to the jungle.

Live next to the locals for a whole month. Come to another country and try to see it not through the eyes of a tourist, but from the point of view of an ordinary person living in this area. This experience will change your attitude towards travel.

Take a musical pilgrimage. Visit the cradle of the blues and rock out with Jamaican musicians. See the Beatles studio and rock out in Ibiza.

Learn a foreign language. There is no better way to improve your language skills than to immerse yourself in the appropriate environment.

Travel through India by train. They say that in terms of the degree of extreme this event is not inferior to parachute jumping.

Climb one of the seven greatest peaks. This action can cost you significant physical and material costs, but it will undoubtedly be one of those achievements that you will remember throughout your life.

Scuba dive on coral reefs. The underwater world of the subtropics will not leave indifferent even the most experienced travelers.

Visit the carnival in Brazil. You will not have a single good night in this country of the greatest carnivals and fiery rhythms.

Get on the board and catch the wave. Surfing is such an addictive and contagious hobby that some people give up everything for it and move to where there are big waves.

Post an article about your travels. Or maybe even a whole book? In any case, the realization that you are not just hanging out around the world, but collecting material for publication can give new meaning to your wanderings.

Get a job as a volunteer. By joining one of the international charitable organizations, you can easily combine travel with community service.

Repeat the route of your favorite hero. Have you read the writings of Jules Verne, Jack London, or the memoirs of famous travelers as a child? So why not see the famous places from these books with your own eyes now?

Visit the headwaters of great rivers. Huge rivers, such as the Nile, the Amazon, or the Dnieper, begin with a tiny stream. This is really impressive.

Explore the homeland of your favorite dish. Our menu contains many dishes that have come to us from other nations. Many of them have significantly changed and reminded little of their prototype. Why don’t you go in search of real Italian pizza, Georgian kebab, or Siberian dumplings?

Photograph a disappearing world. Our planet is changing rapidly, and your lens is able to capture these changes. It is not necessary to photograph rare species of flora and fauna – you can find something completely different. Make a gallery of historical costumes from different nations or photograph old houses to be demolished.

Participate in thematic competitions. Every year, dozens of international races, heats, and flights are held in the world, which attracts enthusiasts from all over the world. Dedicate your journey to one of them.

Cross the country by public transport. Look at different regions of your country or another country from the windows of trains, trains, and buses.

Visit the place of fame of your idol. Each person has a hero to whom he wants to be equal. Try exploring places associated with the person whose portrait hung on your wall as a child.

Try how many days you can survive alone in the wild. Get the experience of survival in the impenetrable jungle, inaccessible mountains, or just in the neighboring forest. This will give you not only new practical skills but also deep spiritual cleansing.

Visit the filming locations of famous films. Each of us has a favorite movie or TV series that has left a mark on our souls. See with your own eyes the cities in which the shooting took place.

Set a free travel record. Some people manage to travel great distances without spending a penny. Test yourself in this competition.

Learn exotic skills. It is possible to become a ninja only in Japan, the best fashion designers are in Italy, and for beginner yogis, the path lies precisely in India. Take over secret knowledge from their guardians, immerse yourself in an authentic atmosphere in order to become a master of your craft.

What are the most unusual, funny, frankly adventurous travel ideas that are floating around in your head? How do you see your dream trip?

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